ustainable tourism for development was the theme chosen by the UN for this 2017 that has just started. This means that different events with sustainable tourism as main topic will be held during the whole year, all around the globe. The United Nations Worlwide Tourism Organization (UNWTO) inaugurated the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development in the International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR) the past January 18th, in Madrid.

With an exciting and engaging promotional video, the UNWTO made it clear the resolutions for this new year: promote a change in policies, business practices and consumer behavior to transform tourism into a more sustainable activity.



UNWTO invites the entire community to participate throughout 2017, sharing solutions, stories and information to make tourism a sustainable activity. The official website of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism is now online with all the information on events worldwide and the possibility of joining the sustainable travel movement through all social networks with #IY2107 and #travelenjoyrespect



Why is sustainable tourism important for the United Nations?


Every year, more than 1.2 billion people cross borders around the world. From the economic point of view, tourism accounts for 10% of world GDP. It is expected that by 2030, 1.8 billion people will travel around the world. Therefore, tourism is really an engine of growth and development and a force at the service of the common good. Well-managed tourism is an excellent tool for sustainable development and contributes to the objectives proposed in  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The #IY2017 will promote tourism’s role in the following five key areas:

(1)        Inclusive and sustainable economic growth

(2)        Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction

(3)        Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change

(4)        Cultural values, diversity and heritage

(5)        Mutual understanding, peace and security.




Sustainable tourism requires sustainable travellers


It is likely you do not feel very identified when reading this type of information. It’s understandable, because in general the speech is adressed to the governmental sectors or big companies in order to put the power of change over their shoulders, when actually is each one of us that have the real force to change things in the world. It is not necessary to work in the UN, to belong to a Peace Corp or to be a celebrity, in order to contribute for a better world. We can and we must do our part.

Our first challenge is to start at home. We can not separte the person from the traveller. So, it is very important understand that how we live, we travel. Being aware of our daily actions is key so that we can naturally replicate them to one of our greatest passions: travel. Once we have incorporated sustainable habits  into our routine, sustainable travel becomes natural. Our way of being and doing is moved to another place and / or culture. And thus we become sustainable travellers.



Sustainable travel publications and travel proposals


This is Ammanik´s fifth year of work and we celebrate the #IY2017 with the launch of our new web site.


We are joining #IY2017, sharing new travel proposals and publications throughout the year (and the followings), to think about travel in a more sustainable way. We love the world and we love meeting new places and interacting with people from other latitudes and cultures. That is why we want to take care of the world and share with you the best way to do what we love: sustainable travel.

If you want to stay connected with us and receive the publications, proposals of trips and special promotions, follow us by social networks and subscribe to our newsletter from our home.

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